True Love, cm 40 x 40 x 1,5, 2013

Title: Il Vero Amore
Number: 14
Mixed technique on canvas
Size: cm 40 x 40 x 1,5
Made in 2013
Designed and signed by the artist
Made in Italy
Unique piece

Life is a net of ups and downs, encounters, plans, ways
of different importance, of different depth.
Not all of them have a straight way, not all of them start from the beginning;
some are stopped and never get the end,
others are resumed and may end much earlier than we had prearranged.
But if you find the true Love, the Love with capital letter,
the precious and passionate one which kindles all souls,
the Love that, although changing as time goes by, doesn’t turn into something banal
but rather into something which is worth celebrating and saying always “thanks” for,
everything gets a new surprise light.
It’s this Love
that gives light and brilliance to everyday routine, to everyday life.

Stefania Zanutta