The Birth of a Dream: Emotions to Wear

In the beating heart of Italy, where art is breathed at every corner and fashion intertwines with daily life like silk threads, Stefania Zanutta has brought to life a dream that dances lightly between brushes and fabrics. A painter by passion, Stefania has transformed the canvas into a living stage, where each brushstroke tells a story, each color whispers an emotion.

The spark ignites in 2016, in front of a dress adorned with red roses on a white background – a vision that captures the soul and ignites the imagination. “What if I could wear my artworks?”, Stefania wonders. From that moment, her life transforms into a blank canvas ready to be painted with new, bold strokes.

The search for perfection leads her to explore the most innovative techniques and to select excellent Italian suppliers, faithful guardians of a craftsmanship that the world envies us for. Her canvases, immortalized through the lens of a professional photographer, find new life on fine fabrics, transforming into creations that challenge the boundaries between fashion and art.

However, the path to realizing the dream proves to be tortuous. An unexpected heart surgery forces Stefania to a forced pause, but what might seem like an obstacle turns into an opportunity for rebirth. Convalescence is charged with new inspiration and determination, culminating in the birth of “Emotions to Wear” in 2018.

The collection debuts with maxi scarves in pure silk chiffon, a fabric that captures the essence of the impalpable and the brilliant, and then enriches with cashmere blend scarves and tailored clothing items. The real revolution comes with the made-to-measure service: an invitation to choose which artwork to wear, for a piece designed and sewn to measure, celebrating the uniqueness of the wearer.

A special place is for our Sportswear, articles printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our specialized team in Europe.

Stefania Zanutta’s Mission

“You are a masterpiece, unique and inimitable. Let our Emotions give value to the wonder that you are. It’s time to like ourselves!” This is the essence of Stefania’s vision, an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of being oneself through fashion, to express one’s individuality, and to wear emotions that speak directly to the soul.

An Invitation to the Journey

The Stefania Zanutta brand is not just a signature on a piece of clothing; it’s a journey through art and fashion, a path of personal discovery that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. Through her creations, Stefania invites everyone to become the guardian of a living work of art, to walk with elegance and confidence, wrapped in emotions that shine with their own light.



Ebbrezza salina 2

Profumo di passione


My foulards interpreted by the photographer Luca Cadamuro and the model and photographer Jessica Zufferli