From painting to textile

How did the Emotions to Wear come to light? In an absolutely spontaneous and instinctive way.

I was surfing the web and I got bewitched by a nice and unusual white dress with red roses. I immediately visualized my roses printed on textiles, thinking how wonderful it would be to wear them.

After a careful research, I found the suppliers I need: they are all Italian!

The process is as follows: a professional photographer takes high resolution pictures of my paintings, and, after a very interesting and meticulous work to adjust the images, they are printed on refined textiles.

Now our Emotions to Wear are:

  • a collection of cm 140 x 140 foulards in soft and bright pure silk chiffon,
  • a collection of Medium size cm 70 x 70 foulards in soft and bright pure silk chiffon,
  • a collection of modal-cachemere 70 x 200 scarfs,
  • handmade clothes
  • TAILORED CLOTHES: choose which of my paintings you want to wear, we’ll create the clothing of your dreams. Drawn and sewn on you!

All our creations are handmade and rigorously made in Italy in each step of the production.

A special place is for our Sportswear, articles printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our specialized team in Europe: true Emotions to Wear both during workouts (even the most challenging ones) and your free time, with your favorite outfits.

Choose one of our creations and wear YOUR Emotion.



Ebbrezza salina 2

Profumo di passione


My foulards interpreted by the photographer Luca Cadamuro and the model and photographer Jessica Zufferli