Stefania ZanuttaStefania Zanutta was born in Udine in the summer of 1973. Her “delicate” heart leads her to have a different attitude towards life, that she considers a wonderful gift. This way of dealing with life makes her to be profound towards feelings and to love the simplicity of little things. Stefania thanks everyday to be born as she is and even more to be born in such a special family. Her parents, strong and lovely, wrap her in an environment of “normality” where her “being” becomes a regular part of everyday life. They themselves introduce her to art: her father has always painted and her mother has always followed the two daughers in creative practice. So since she was a child she has a great interest in creativity and finds her way through painting. The thing that most of all interests her is color, its use and the grouping of tones.

At the beginning portraying animals and landscapes trains her in dimensions and perspectives and in calibrating the harmony of colors that later, even if with different subjects, she’ll find again in the present non-figurative way. From the adolescence to the 17 years old she attends the conservatoire: this even more stimulates in her the harmony and the pauses in a global sense. During the middle school the great fortune of the artist is to meet a good teacher, Afro Basaldella’s grandaughter, who, believing in her, pushes and encourages her to go on experimenting on colour. Both during her middle and secondary school Zanutta continues producing ceaselessly art through the school courses.

At the University of Foreign Languages, she is supported by a teacher who stimulates her further more towards the care of passions, art and life. Stefania’s artistic path is enriched by the many studies about the history of art, too, in particular she has always been attracted by Kandinsky and Pollock for their freedom of expression and lack of academicisms. Another key figure in the artist’s life is her husband Umberto, who makes her feel spacial and supports her in everything, both in life and in art. Born her son Raffaele, the author takes the path previously done by her parents, involving him in her own artistic creations: some of her paintings are in fact made by four hands.

Zanutta has attended collective and personal exhibitions and auctions and important appearances are in the bimonthly art magazine “International Urbis et Artis” (Rome), where she is present in the quotes, in “The Showcase of Italian Art” and in the “Register of Italian Artists”, too. Two of her paintings in 2014 took part in a group exhibition organized by Century Art Gallery at Hilton Sharjah-Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after passing through a rigid selection by an international scientific committee, supporting the great historicized masters. The event was sponsored by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE and the General Consulate of the Italian Embassy in the UAE. The following year the same paintings attended the “Golden Brush Award” announced by the same association: “Force 9” gained the 6th place with “Mention of the Jury”. The answer of the critics and of the consumers is always positive.

Raffaella Ferrari
Art critic