Noble Spirit, cm 50 x 70 x 3,5, 2017

Title: Animo Nobile
Number: 58
Mixed technique on canvas
Size: cm 50 x 70 x 3,5
Made in 2017
Designed and signed by the artist
Made in Italy
Unique piece

The rose is armony, beauty, elegance, perfection.
White is purity, semplicity, discretion.
The White Rose refers to authenticity, to the frankness of an everlasting friendship
based on mutual esteem. This is our story,
a story characterized by a long past, an intense present and an endless future.
This is the story of our Friendship: pure, simple, loyal, kind in its manners, strong and polite, refined in its liveliness.
The White Rose symbolizes refined discretion,
polished naturalness, clearness of feelings,
it represents you, my darling, my Noble Spirit.

Stefania Zanutta